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The Beginning III - Very Good

The Holy Bible delivers one example after another of a perfect God whose every action is motivated by perfect love. We don't have to search long in its pages to discover this truth. The creation of the formless void is the first revelation of it.

We've come to this question: If the perfect God is the creator of all that is, and the Earth was a formless void at creation, why would God create something so imperfect?

Instead of running in circles trying to make sense of this conundrum based on the two truths presented, what if we tried to think bigger? What if we considered God's will, which is always perfection? What if God created a chaotic mess lacking form and order to demonstrate how purposeless, shapeless, empty things can receive new life?

The act of creation may not simply be an exercise of God's power but also a deliberate revelation of God's powerful love.

What if the beginning of the earth wasn’t empty at all?  What if it was actually full of useless things?  What if it was a void of good things and a chaos full of waste?  God would have not only created all things good (and very good), but he would have created them out of useless things, waste, and brokenness. It’s not just creation; it’s a transformation of a gathering of useless stuff. 

I too, tend to be a gathering of useless stuff. Don't we all?

If God can make a brilliant universe of stars, creatures, and all things good, can he make something brilliant, useful, and very good out of our useless stuff, our waste?  Of course.  That, to me, is hope in creation—in transformation—and that is a very good beginning. 

In the name of God the Creator, the Savior, and the Messenger.

May it be so.


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